Saturday, 13 October 2012

About Rin Writing - Bespoke Web Content

Rin Writing is comprised of UK-based freelance writers with many years' industry experience in authoring bespoke, quality web content.

Our first foray into the web content industry began when we became project managers for one of the UK's largest content providers. Today, we work freelance, serving the needs of many private clients including several large SEO companies and many SMEs.

Please note that Rin Writing has now become Lunar Marketing

Our freelance writing services include:

Web content (product descriptions, homepages, business articles and more).
SEO articles and copywriting.
PPC optimised web content and general PPC management.

Editorial and heavily researched articles.
News and blog articles.
Article editing.
CMS uploading.
Other personal writing services.

Cost per Article

Our web content projects - all of which are written and edited to a high standard of English - are chargeable at £4.70 per 250-word article. For more information on our rates, click here.

Why Hire a Freelance Writer?

There are many benefits to hiring a freelance writer directly rather than going through an agency, online marketplace or a content company:

Price - content companies can be large organisations that employ numerous employees to carry out administrative tasks. The cost of hiring these employees invariably leads to higher article prices. We are not burdened by such bureaucracy  - simply contact us with your requirements and Catherine and Rob will write your articles to a high standard, without the middle man affecting the price you pay.

Consistency - content companies are able to churn out thousands of articles a month because they employ hundreds of writers. This may be ideal for larger orders, but no two articles are ever written or edited by the same person, leading to inconsistent projects in which each article has a different voice and tone. By using our personal content writing service, you will benefit from consistently high quality articles.

Communication - when you approach us for work, you will be communicating with two UK-based human beings who are capable of making intelligent decisions. You will never be burdened by limited processes, irritating online ordering systems or salesy account managers.

Looking to contact experienced freelance writers? Contact us here.

Good web content needn't cost you an arm and a leg. Hire a writer you can trust.